Tinu Streetstyle 60 Tinu Streetstyle 62 Tinu Streetstyle 72 Tinu Streetstyle 73Trousers: HM Spring Studio Collection 2015 | Jacket : H&M | Bustier : Triumph | Shoes, Clutch – Zara | Sunglasses: Prada

I’m in love with these trousers. Even though  my last post raved about clean lines and structure. The fluidity of these pants spoke to my soul. They move beautifully and can be paired with pretty much anything.

I felt very Parisienne in this outfit. Jacket draped, with my ever trusted Zara heels. On route to Place du Carrousel after a cafe aux lait with my girls. Oui, tres chic!

Mother-In-Law Approved.

Tinu Streetstyle 32

Tinu Streetstyle 31

Tinu Streetstyle 33Turtle Neck – ASOS | Skirt – 424 Fifth, Lord &Taylor| Earrings: BCBG | Shoes : Zara

Spring has sprung! And as you can tell, I’m not a very flowery person. I’m more into clean lines and monotone colour schemes. That’s why I love the Scandinavians, minimalism at its best. That said, my heritage always seeps into my sense of fashion. That flamboyance, mixed with my longing for simplicity, in my opinion is actually quite genius.

I’ve become obsessed with mixing textures lately. Hard and soft, flowy and hard, structure and flowy. I’m obsessed! So when I was looking to pair this beautiful silk birdcage skirt from 424 Fifth, It made sense to me that I would team it up with a cashmere cotton mix turtleneck. I was hoping, at first for a man-replelling outfit. What I got instead was mother-in-law approved!



Tinu StreetStyle_016 Tinu StreetStyle_019Tinu StreetStyle_023Jacket : Lord and Taylor | Jeans : Forever 21+ | Bag: Rachael Ruddick | Shoes: Zara| Hat: Aritzia (similar here)

Shocked that I’m wearing print?  And not just any print, Watercolor print??

After a week of feeling bleh! Battling a bout of the flu and Mariah Carey type exhaustion, I felt a certain lack of inspiration. Usually when this happens I’ll pick up a good book or the latest issue of Vogue Nippon (that usually almost does the trick). This time I craved for something intense. So I took to wandering the streets of Vancouver and researching my once favorite artists. One of them who happens to be Winslow Homer. So it almost seemed like fate when I saw this jacket peeking at me from my bursting closet.  Not to sound cliche but wearing this jacket brought a little sunshine into my life. So maybe, just maybe I might be a print convert after all. Thank you Mr Homer for your inspiration on a slightly chilly day.

New York Fashion week has just gone by and I’ve been glued to the blogs and Instagram like never before. Thank you The Cut for your daily dose of fashion week goodness. I’m particularly excited about new brands that I haven’t heard before. Chromat is high on my list of SS15 favorites . I could rave and rave but then I’ll let you all decide for yourselves.

Orange + Cropped

Tinu Streetstyle_111Tinu Streetstyle_095Tinu Streetstyle_093Tinu Streetstyle_082    Bikini Top : Forever 21+ | Skirt and Cover up : H&M | Shoes : Zara | Pearl Choker: The Haute Pursuit Store

I once wished this cropped-top style trend would die! But then I thought wait a minute, who exactly says I can’t wear a cropped top. So this top, which is actually a bikini top and this skirt, which I’ve worn to the death has become my favorite combo.

Its September!! Not only is September my birthday month, its also the beginning of Fall. My favorite season. The layers, the boots will all be making a comeback! I can’t wait.

Shades of Grey

Tinu Streetstyle_068Tinu Streetstyle_054Tinu Streetstyle_076                 Tunic : Topshop | Heels: Zara | Necklace : Banana Republic

Grey is at the very top of my colour list. I would very well be happy having my closet consist of black and grey. Maybe the occasional white. With all the talk of The 50 Shades of Grey movie, I saw this dress and thought maybe I can attract my very own Christian Grey. Ha, If only!

Draped Thangs

Tinu 1153Tinu 1148 Tinu 1136                      Tunic : H&M | Jeans : Forever 21+| Shoes : Zara

There’s something incredibly grown up and Fashion ”Weeky” (if there was ever such a word) about a jacket draped across one’s shoulders. So convenient and perfect for those slightly chilly summer evenings.  I’m sure I’ll be wearing my jackets draped, well into Fall….which of course is my favorite season of all time. Partly because, early fall is my birthday!