Tinu Street Style (May 23, 2015) 36Tinu Street Style (May 23, 2015) 33
Tinu Street Style (May 23, 2015) 27
Tinu Street Style (May 23, 2015) 30 I’ve been reaching for outfits that I can throw on without much thought but still look good. Anything that’s going to involve me wearing spanx usually gets left behind. This outfit is truly a representation of how I’m feeling these days. Content, happy and laid back.  This is the reason I refuse to define my personal style. I really just go with the flow.


photo 2-2photo 3-1photo 1-1     Jacket : H&M | T-shirt : Melissa Araujo | Jacquard Pants: ASOS | Bag : Rachael Ruddick| Shoes: Topshop

Yes I know, I’ve been a horrible blogger.  The last few months have been marred with heart ache, depression and indecisiveness. It all started when I got offered my dream job. I was all packed and ready to start my high power career and of course, because it’s me, everything fell apart. I’m not one to sit and feel sorry for myself but this stung. Thank God for amazing friends and ultra supportive family.  I did take one lesson from all of this, as a control freak who makes lists, you can not control every single thing around you.

So in the last few months, I did what any self respecting person would have done in my situation. I shopped online and ate tons ice cream. A LOT OF ICE CREAM. Organic peanut butter and Vanilla Häagen-Dazs  anyone? Needless to say, I’ve got lots of outfit posts to come!

My t-shirt is from Melissa Araujo’s BASIC line, which you can find here. Its made from Bamboo cotton and the moment I put it on, I had to send her a love message. It’s so soft, comfy and flattering and  has become my favorite piece in my closet.

Before I sign off can we take a minute to recognize how awesome this lipstick from Makeup Forever is!

So Fringe

Tinu Street Style_053 Tinu Street Style_055 Tinu Street Style_056Tinu Street Style_042Sweater & Skirt: H&M | Shoes: Topshop | Hornchurch Clutch: Pascual Studio

How fun is this outfit. Anything fringe reminds me of the 1920’s, which to be honest is my least favorite era when it comes to fashion. It looked like a fun time though. Which I seem to be getting none of these days. If you follow me on Instagram, you’ll see snippets of an impromptu trip I took to LA. I literally booked it the day before. Tired from a super stressful week, I decided I needed some sun and a little revitalization. Let’s face it those West Coasters know a thing or two about fun. I wasn’t disappointed. My favorite part of the trip was discovering Uber.  My life is forever changed.

Shades of Grey

Tinu Streetstyle_068Tinu Streetstyle_054Tinu Streetstyle_076                 Tunic : Topshop | Heels: Zara | Necklace : Banana Republic

Grey is at the very top of my colour list. I would very well be happy having my closet consist of black and grey. Maybe the occasional white. With all the talk of The 50 Shades of Grey movie, I saw this dress and thought maybe I can attract my very own Christian Grey. Ha, If only!


Tinu_090Tinu_089Tinu_082Tinu_073                        High Waisted Bikini : Topshop | Cover-up: H&M | Pearl Bracelet : THPStore


There’s something completely liberating when you decide to accept your body. I first heard about fatkini from Gabi from Gabifresh’s blog and I must admit I wasn’t sold the first time. Partially due to the self loathing I had for my own body. In my head I have the body of a super model in reality not so much. Then I was diagnosed with Polycystic ovary syndrome (PCOS) and now I have learned,  there are certain things beyond my control. Thus came the self acceptance.

Confession: this is the first time I’ve actually owned a bikini OR a fatkini if you like. And I want to thank TopShop for not making this high waisted number dowdy and old lady like. This post is dedicated to everyone curvy, skinny, tall, short, pear shaped, apple shaped. What ever you are, love thyself.

Pocket Love


Tinu 1093 Tinu 1095 Tinu 1102                             Dress: Guess (Similar) | Shoes : Topshop


I don’t know about you guys, but anything with pockets makes me a happy bunny. Dresses, skirts, shorts! So this dress, naturally, I gravitated towards. I was having one of those days where I had no intentions of shopping, as we all do and BOOM! I saw this dress and I was sold.