The Beyonce Diet

Tinu Streetstyle 15

The title might be slightly misleading as I’m currently munching on a chicken avocado kale salad (so good).

Ever since, I was diagnosed with PCOD last year  I’m always looking for ways to eat better and generally live a healthy lifestyle. If you follow me on Twitter and Instagram, you’ll know I practice Bikram Yoga constantly.

So when I stumbled upon Beyonce’s body at the Met Gala last week. I was wowed. It was all down to her 22 day vegan diet. I was sold. Today was Day 1 of my Vegan diet, and by the first paragraph you can tell I already failed miserably. However, I’m ok with that.

I hate the word diet! I really do. And a life without chicken and seafood (I’m not a big red meat eater) is really no fun. I have nothing against Vegans. My two closest friends are vegans and vegetarians receptively. I currently find myself drawing the short end of the stick when it comes to eating out with them, so I’ve had my fair share of vegan and vegetarian meals. Let’s just say the Beyonce Diet is not for me. I still love her music though.

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