Double D’

Tinu Street Style (May 23, 2015) 08 Tinu Street Style (May 23, 2015) 09 Tinu Street Style (May 23, 2015) 17

I try not to jump on the trend bandwagon, eg Birkenstock. But  double denmin is one trend that I had to jump on. This whole outfit is from Old Navy, with the exception of my accessories. Old Navy for those of you in Europe is the equivalent of Primark. Fast Fashion and your buck goes a looooong way. Plus they have an amazing selection for curvy/plus size sistas!  This whole Double Denim or Double D as I have coined it, is going to making several appearances this summer.


Tinu Street Style (May 23, 2015) 36Tinu Street Style (May 23, 2015) 33
Tinu Street Style (May 23, 2015) 27
Tinu Street Style (May 23, 2015) 30 I’ve been reaching for outfits that I can throw on without much thought but still look good. Anything that’s going to involve me wearing spanx usually gets left behind. This outfit is truly a representation of how I’m feeling these days. Content, happy and laid back.  This is the reason I refuse to define my personal style. I really just go with the flow.

The Simple Life

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Tinu Streetstyle 18 Tinu Streetstyle 19 Tinu Streetstyle 27 Tinu Streetstyle 29Dress : 424 Fifth| Shoes : Topshop

I love simple. And this outfit might very well be symbolic of how I want to live my life. Easy- Breezy happy. Camera ready in one swoop. No need for any fuss and we can’t forget, comfortable. As I grow older I’ve started to remove the things that don’t serve me and don’t necessary challenge me to be a better person.  The pineapples give a certain tropical vibe. For anyone who has ever been to the Caribbean, that laid back-fun lifestyle is what I strive for in the hustle and bustle of my daily life.

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Tinu Streetstyle 60 Tinu Streetstyle 62 Tinu Streetstyle 72 Tinu Streetstyle 73Trousers: HM Spring Studio Collection 2015 | Jacket : H&M | Bustier : Triumph | Shoes, Clutch – Zara | Sunglasses: Prada

I’m in love with these trousers. Even though  my last post raved about clean lines and structure. The fluidity of these pants spoke to my soul. They move beautifully and can be paired with pretty much anything.

I felt very Parisienne in this outfit. Jacket draped, with my ever trusted Zara heels. On route to Place du Carrousel after a cafe aux lait with my girls. Oui, tres chic!

Mother-In-Law Approved.

Tinu Streetstyle 32

Tinu Streetstyle 31

Tinu Streetstyle 33Turtle Neck – ASOS | Skirt – 424 Fifth, Lord &Taylor| Earrings: BCBG | Shoes : Zara

Spring has sprung! And as you can tell, I’m not a very flowery person. I’m more into clean lines and monotone colour schemes. That’s why I love the Scandinavians, minimalism at its best. That said, my heritage always seeps into my sense of fashion. That flamboyance, mixed with my longing for simplicity, in my opinion is actually quite genius.

I’ve become obsessed with mixing textures lately. Hard and soft, flowy and hard, structure and flowy. I’m obsessed! So when I was looking to pair this beautiful silk birdcage skirt from 424 Fifth, It made sense to me that I would team it up with a cashmere cotton mix turtleneck. I was hoping, at first for a man-replelling outfit. What I got instead was mother-in-law approved!


Black Beauty

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photo 2-3 photo 1-2 photo 1-3 photo 2-4

There has been a lot of talk in the media about black beauty and the lack of representation in media at large of women of colour. While I completely agree, I was/am lucky to have been surrounded by amazing women, who were/are beautiful and incredibly fashionable. My mother included. I remember tagging along with my mum on shopping trips to Avenue Montaigne, before I knew the value of a Dior purse.

I’m also immensely lucky to have grown up in a household were I was told (and I’m still told) how beautiful and smart I am.  So I grew up with an incredible sense of self.  It never occurred to me that enhancing my skin colour, straightening my hair were options to make myself prettier. The down side to this was, I went out into the world with an ego the size of Kanye West’s head.   Imagine going to school with that ego, of course mean kids swiftly brought me to the real world.

Last week Lane Bryant launched their #ImNoAngel campaign and it took my breath away. Kudos to Lane Bryant for showing a different type of beauty!



photo 2-2photo 3-1photo 1-1     Jacket : H&M | T-shirt : Melissa Araujo | Jacquard Pants: ASOS | Bag : Rachael Ruddick| Shoes: Topshop

Yes I know, I’ve been a horrible blogger.  The last few months have been marred with heart ache, depression and indecisiveness. It all started when I got offered my dream job. I was all packed and ready to start my high power career and of course, because it’s me, everything fell apart. I’m not one to sit and feel sorry for myself but this stung. Thank God for amazing friends and ultra supportive family.  I did take one lesson from all of this, as a control freak who makes lists, you can not control every single thing around you.

So in the last few months, I did what any self respecting person would have done in my situation. I shopped online and ate tons ice cream. A LOT OF ICE CREAM. Organic peanut butter and Vanilla Häagen-Dazs  anyone? Needless to say, I’ve got lots of outfit posts to come!

My t-shirt is from Melissa Araujo’s BASIC line, which you can find here. Its made from Bamboo cotton and the moment I put it on, I had to send her a love message. It’s so soft, comfy and flattering and  has become my favorite piece in my closet.

Before I sign off can we take a minute to recognize how awesome this lipstick from Makeup Forever is!

Date Night

Tinu Street Style_005 Tinu Street Style_019 Tinu Street Style_017 Tinu Street Style_008Sweater : H&M | Leggings: Topshop | Sneakers : Nike (Roshe Run)

I wore this outfit on a date a few days ago. The only thing that’s worse than being single is people pitying you for being single. “What do you mean you like being alone?” “And you live alone?” It’s the incredulous look I get from my attached friends. Like the concept of being single belongs on Mars. So having being set by my friend on a blind date I thought why not? How was I to say no to ‘Obama sensibilities and Michael Fassbender eyes”? There was nothing to lose.  I would usually wear heels but to be honest I was going to more comfort than anything else, and the sneakers for running if he turned out to be a jerk. The date, amazing. I never laughed so much in my life. Date número two? We’ll see.

Happy New Year

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Tinu Street Style_113 Tinu Street Style_110 Tinu Street Style_132Dress: H&M | Shoes : Zara | Coat : Vintage | Bag : Pascual Studio | Jewelery: Pandora, BCBG

Please accept my apologies for the lack of posts. Between traveling and working, its been a crazy few months. Excuses Excuses! I know. But 2015 will be dedicated to creating dope content for you guys. And before I forget, Happy New Year everyone. I hope you had an amazing time during the holiday season. And if you were working like me, oww well, next year maybe.

This year I’ve decided I won’t be making any New Year’s resolutions. Its pointless partly because by the end of the month, I’ve broken everything. My commitment to myself is to live every day to the fullest. Update my blog as often as I can. And maybe a boyfriend and the winning numbers to the lottery will be nice.

Anyways I’m wishing you all a healthy and happy 2015!


All That Glitters…

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Tinu Street Style_102 Tinu Street Style_099 Tinu Street Style_098Men’s White Shirt : Gap | Skirt : H&M | Clutch : Pascual Studio| Heels : Zara | Pearl Choker : The Haute Pursuit (THP Shop)

A little sparkle in one’s life never hurt anyone. This skirt is one of those skirts you wear on a first date. When you want the guy to know you’re not messing around. I call it my POW WOW SKIRT. I paired it with a man’s shirt because anything else felt way too cheesy on me.

I’m in love with menswear. So comfy, so unpretentious and the lack of choice  is actually refreshing. No need for spanx or pins or a push up bra. I wonder if men know how lucky they are.